Installation supervision, Sri Lanka

Project info

If you want to supply top quality, you need more than just good materials and excellent production people!

NPI provides on a regular basis technical assistance and supervision all over the world, ensuring the best results for the installation of a tank. Last year one of our technical specialists travelled to Sri Lanka to offer assistance with the installation of two water tanks. A renowned grower ordered two tanks for irrigation of their greenhouse facilities, where fruit and vegetables are grown for mainly export to the Maldives. The customer ordered two tanks of 3,85 meters high, lined with ENPEX FPP 0,75 mm film and completed with tensioned anti-algae covers.

The grower took care of the preparatory work; the groundwork and foundation. When it came to the installation of the tanks, the company called in our assistance. Supervision is one of the services we often deliver in addition to the delivery of our tanks. With our supervision, customers benefit from an optimised and efficient installation thanks to many years of operational experience and expertise.

Our tanks are supplied as a prefabricated package with all installation materials included. Installing the metal walls is quick and easy, thanks to the supplied fixing materials and the clear installation instructions. Nevertheless, customers regularly call in our technical assistance and supervision when it comes to the construction of the tanks. Besides the technical support, we also give commercial training to our customers.

NPI has done supervision and training in many countries as Tunisia, France, China, Malaysia, Cyprus, Mexico, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Zimbabwe, Israel, China, Russia, Thailand, Maldives, India, Georgia, Sri Lanka and many more (to come). We supply our tanks through an extensive dealer network, based in more than 60 countries worldwide. This means we are always close by!