MagiZinc®: delivering significant benefits for water tanks performance

All water tanks that you order now are manufactured from MagiZinc® steel. This offers direct benefits for you. How?


MagiZinc® is an innovative replacement for conventional galvanised steels, providing superior corrosion protection even in harsh environments. This MagiZinc® is a new alloy, equaling 600 gram galvanization. It is a zinc coating that incorporates a small fraction of magnesium and aluminium.

The advantages

  • Higher protection against red rust, white rust and edge rust – Magizinc® 310 is the equivalent to Z600
  • Greater scratch resistance; less likely to show dents and accidental damage
  • Thinner coating so fewer raw materials input make it more sustainable to produce
  • Available on water tanks and steel roofs


It is very suitable for indoor and outdoor water tanks. The application of MagiZinc® increases life expectancy of the water tanks, which will reduce maintenance or replacement costs.


Despite its superior protection, steel should be carefully stored in line with earlier guidances.