Chlorine resistant and food secure ENPEX CPL

All about our newest liner: the chlorine resistant liner

Chlorine reacting to the tank liner

For many applications clean water storage is indispensable. Despite of the fact that the use of chlorine is not desired in the horticulture sector, chlorine is a common helping hand in keeping water storage systems clean, avoiding contamination and bacteria growth in water. Due to the aggressive and unpredictable nature of chlorine, it is hard to always use the correct levels of chlorine in water storage. For instance, every increase of 10 °C of the water will double the activity of chlorine. Especially when the water is already clean, chlorine searches substances to react with. Most of the times this is the tank liner.   

ENPEX CP liner

Together with leading raw material producers and processors NPI has developed a new type of liner material, specifically suitable for the storage of clean water with higher doses of chlorine. ENPEX CPL (Chlorine, Potable water liner) combines good mechanical strength and UV resistance with a maximum Cl absorption of 250 ppm. This is 10 times more than the current usual liners used for storing clean water.

Supervision and training

NPI is highly certified in processing the ENPEX CPL, and is able to provide supervision and training for its customers to make correct installations and or process the liner at location when necessary.


NPI delivers the ENPEX CPL as a standard in 0,75 mm and 1,00 mm. We can also supply 0,60 mm on project base.

Together with our high grade water tanks and our steel roofs we provide you with an optimal and durable solution for the storage and protection of your clean water!

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