8 facts about the coating of our metal water tanks

Did you know?

  • We always advise to get the bottom ring panels of the water tanks coated or painted.
  • The application of a powder coating increases protection of the steel against the elements. It helps to protect the metal from rust and thus extends the lifetime of a water tank.
  • The panels can be ordered precoated; that is easy! If panels are ordered coated, they apply a layer of powder coating to the precious steel of the bottom rings at the factory.
  • As many as panel rings desired can come coated. Customers can even opt for an entirely coated tank.
  • Especially in coastal environments or industrial settings where the atmosphere has higher salinity, chemicals or natural pollutants, a coating is highly recommended.
  • Powder coating is available in a wide range of colours.
  • Also a metal roof can be coated in the desired colour.
  • A coating allows tanks to blend into the natural scenery. Some customers opt for this reason for an entirely (pine green) coated tank, benefiting from a high esthetic value.
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